[scribus] Scribus crashes once again, but this time Signal #7

John Ghormley KJ4UFG kj4ufg at sera.org
Mon Jul 23 02:03:09 UTC 2012

Error sent to somewhere (Ubuntu?) says if crashed due to an Ubuntu 12.04
Internal error "scribus crashed with signal #7 in FT_Get_Kerning()"

Thankfully, if I can get this issue out by morning, I will not have another
to layout for 3 more months.  Maybe by then these Scribus 1.4.1 vs Ubuntu
12.04 errors will be resolved.  The next time it crashes, however, I am
going to revert to 1.4.0.  Was using Ubuntu 12.04 with that and it ran fine
last issue.  While whatever function that kerning thing is interfacing with
the OS could have been updated since May of this year, I'm willing to see
if 1.4.0 runs any better.

Love Scribus, but wow, it can be frustrating to get so close and loose
control of the program and the data file.

John Ghormley  KJ4UFG
Editor, SERA *Repeater Journal*
Walkertown, NC  USA
editor at sera.org
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