[scribus] TIFF problem and 1-bit images

Jussi Pakkanen jpakkane at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 11:55:14 UTC 2012


I'm helping a friend put together a comic book. We have separated
colors from lines and saved each to their own files. The lines are 1
bit TIFFs generated with Photoshop. Some of those TIFF files crash
Scribus (relevant bug: http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=10854)

Debugging the issue on my machine where the images can be loaded
produced some strange results.

A test page with one color image and the corresponding line image on
top of it create a 11 MB PDF.

If I convert the line image to PNG using either ImageMagick or Gimp,
Scribus produces a 21 MB PDF file.

More strangely, for the tiff image, Scribus says that its color space
is grayscale.

For both of the PNG images, Scribus claims they are RGB.

ImageMagick's identify binary claims that they have only 1 bit color channels.

All source images are roughly the same size (~0.5 MB). Why do the PNG
files produce so much bigger PDFs?

It is extremely important that the 1 bit line images do not get
rasterized during printing. Currently they are set to multiply mode.
Is that the correct setting?

Is there a way to inspect the resulting PDF file to ensure that the
line art images in it are 1 bit? The fact that Scribus says that they
are RGB makes me a bit uneasy.

Thanks a lot for any info

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