[scribus] PDF contains fragments of other pages if doc has bleeds on all sides

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sat Jul 7 10:49:19 UTC 2012

hi andreas

> > Andreas Hünnebeck <acmh at gmx.de> wrote:
> > > I'm working on a twofold brochure in A5 format (148 x 210 mm)
> > > with 3 mm bleeds on all sides (154 x 216 mm) according to the
> > > advice of the print shop. If I create a colored text frame which
> > > shall touch the border of the page it must be so big that it
> > > reaches the border of the 3mm bleed.
> > > 
> > > If a frame fills the page from left to right it must be 154 mm
> > > wide. The document
> > > 
> > >    http://www.huennebeck-online.de/download/a5.sla
> > > 
> > > contains two such frames on two pages side by side. If I create a
> > > PDF with or without bleed, e.g.
> > > 
> > >    http://www.huennebeck-online.de/download/a5-with-bleeds.pdf
> > >    http://www.huennebeck-online.de/download/a5-without-bleeds.pdf
> > > 
> > > then I would expect that each page contains only its own single
> > > frame. However both PDFs contain remnants of the frame of the
> > > other page as well. How can this be avoided, other than setting
> > > the bleed on the inner side to 0?
> > > 
> > > Andreas Hünnebeck | email: acmh at gmx.de
> > 
> > For book covers I create just one page with bleeda all around. On
> > that page I have three panels front, back and spine. Pethaps you
> > could reduce your brochure to just one page. double width.
> This is a 76 page booklet. I shall do this for the cover though as
> the print shop prefers an A4 page size for the cover.
> > Incidentally I don't use the Scribus bleed function. I just
> > increse the dimensions to take care of the bleeds.
> That was my approach until I found the bleeds. It's much more
> convenient to work with bleeds if you have graphics which span over
> more than one page.


i wanted to answer you that in this case you will have to use single
pages (because it seemed evident to me) but then i played a bit
with scribus, went the good way with wrong parameters, finally found
the right way, thought that it is not intuitive and discovered a bug
that -- probably -- can't be solved...

the solution:

go to the document settings, in the "view" section and defined the
horizontal gap between the pages to 6 mm (two times 3 mm), export your
pdf and it's almost right.

the bug:

when you increase the gap between pages, the frame on the right page is
not moved by the variation in the gap size. not sure if scribus can
properly detect it.

and the non-intuitive part:

a setting that influences the way the pdf is exported should not be in
the "view" part of the settings!

voilà, i invite you to try this out and -- if possible -- check if the
bug is for real (i only did a short test...) and if it so, fill a bug
report (+ eventually a feature request for way the viewing gap is

have a nice day

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