[scribus] Poor hyphenation in french language

Christian Schilmöller Christian.Schilmoeller at gmx.de
Thu Jul 5 22:39:12 UTC 2012

Hi ale,

> can you try to replace the .dic file and see if it works better?

I've already tried to replace the original .dic
file by the .dic file from the OO/LO installation.
Unfortunally, this doesn't improve anything. 

I looked into both the scribus and the OO/LO file with
a file editor.
The scribus one starts with ISO8859-1.
The OO/LO one starts with UTF-8.

Maybe that's some kind of basic incompatibility.

Somewhere I've read something about Tex's hyphenation 
algorithm. IIRC, the .dic file is produced by a perl 
script from a .tex source.

If you have any ideas what I could try anymore,
please let me know.

I have scribus installations on windows and linux which
could be used for experiments.



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