[scribus] Importing Pages From Microsoft Publisher

bobparham at comcast.net bobparham at comcast.net
Mon Jan 30 04:01:24 UTC 2012

On 1/29/2012 6:32 AM, Andreas Hünnebeck wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012, 23:03:27 schrieb bobparham at comcast.net:
>> I am working with an associate to create a booklet in Scribus. She has
>> created her pages in Microsoft Publisher. [..]
>> I have tried saving her pages as png and gif documents and importing
>> using Get Image. I have a lot of work to do trying to get them the same
>> size in Scribus and when I test print, they are not sharp. There must be
>> a better approach than this.
> Export as PDF, open PDF in gimp with 1200 dpi and save it as tif or png
> (this is probably also possible with imagemagick). This image must be
> sharp.
> bye
> Andreas
I opened the MS Publisher document from my associate. I then clicked 
File>Save & Send>Create PDF/XPS and saved the PDF file in My Documents. 
I am not very familiar with Gimp even though I have the latest version 
on my computer. How do I open the PDF in Gimp with 1200 dpi and save it 
as tif or png. How do I  import the resulting file into my Scribus 
document? Your assistance is appreciated.

Bob P


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