[scribus] Importing Pages From Microsoft Publisher

Andreas Hünnebeck andi at huennebeck-online.de
Sun Jan 29 11:32:39 UTC 2012

Am Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012, 23:03:27 schrieb bobparham at comcast.net:
> I am working with an associate to create a booklet in Scribus. She has
> created her pages in Microsoft Publisher. [..]
> I have tried saving her pages as png and gif documents and importing
> using Get Image. I have a lot of work to do trying to get them the same
> size in Scribus and when I test print, they are not sharp. There must be
> a better approach than this.

Export as PDF, open PDF in gimp with 1200 dpi and save it as tif or png
(this is probably also possible with imagemagick). This image must be

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