[scribus] Listing all Scripter documentation

José Antonio Rocha joseantoniorocha at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 21:18:33 UTC 2012

Quick and dirty way to get all Scripter documentation. Paste the code in
Scripter console and press F9. Then, save the result.

d = dir()
for j in d:
        exec 'res = '+j+'.__doc__'
        if res[0:5] == 'float':
            print '\nCONSTANT:\n',j,'\nVALUE: float'
            exec 'print '+j+'\n'
        elif res[0:5] == 'int(x':
            print '\nCONSTANT:\n',j,'\nVALUE: integer'
            exec 'print '+j+'\n'
        elif res[0:5] == 'tuple':
            print '\nTUPLE:\n',j,'\nVALUE:'
            exec 'print repr('+j+')\n'
            print '\nCOMMAND:\n'+j+'\n\nSINTAX:'
            print res
    except: pass

Some results are Python things, not Scripter.

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