[scribus] Linux, Scribus 1.5, Windows Scribus 1.4 and Arial font.

john Culleton John at wexfordpress.com
Sat Jan 28 15:07:22 UTC 2012

On Fri, 27 Jan 2012 17:56:36 -0500
wena-parry at talktalk.net wrote:

> Thank you all for your advice, on this subject, I have spent most of 
> today in attempting to get my work done on Scribus 1.5. It has frozen 
> up, closed down, GIVE UP FOR NOW. It would be better if we had a 
> Windows version, I think!!
> I know it is not a stable version so I have given up on that.
> But I still need to do the job.
> I have read on posts that LS will except other formats for a block
> and white content, is that so.
> Wena
With LSI there is one set of rules for covers and another for
interiors. Please don't confuse the two.For covers I suggest you work
in 1.4.0 and just use 1.5.0 for conversion to pdf X/1-a:2001. That is
what I do.

Another solution is to save the cover file in tiff format (CMYK of
course) and send that to LSI. That printer will accept tiff. 

With LSI black and white interior can be in any pdf format. A black and
white cover will  probably be treated as a color cover with
nothing but "K" used on the cover. 

IME the less you do in Windows the more success you will have. It
is time to cut the cord. 

John Culleton
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