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> Actually, the tutorial is alive and well on the wiki:
> http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Get_Started_with_Scribus
> and there are links on the Introduction page to the raw materials.
> Greg

cool. this is exactly what i'm looking for. thanks!


Have you looked at the later tutorial based on 1.3.X at

At that location, the tutorial is in A4 and Letter formats in OpenOffice/LibreOffice  (.odt) format. All the material used to create the sample book is included in a .zip file (images, text, etc.). It uses new graphics and is closer to 1.4, although still behind it.

It might be a better starting place for a new tutorial.

Here is part of the Introduction:
The following beginner's tutorial on the use of Scribus for page layout and PDF creation is based on Get Started With Scribus 2006, which in turn was based on Get Started With Scribus by Niyam Bhushan, which was first published in April 2004. In July 2006, a bunch of experienced Scribus users and Scribus Wiki authors (contributors, as they call themselves) decided to update and extend the old tutorial. The goal was to adjust the valuable texts, designs, and images by Niyam Bushan to Scribus' current capabilities. While the intention was to keep to the original spirit of Niyam's tutorial, the goal was not just to be its mere continuation, but finally go its own way with respect to content and concepts.
In the meantime this version of the original Niyam Bhushan tutorial has been updated to focus on the 1.3.X versions of Scribus with the text edited to reflect the new images used. It is offered under the Creative Commons License cc-by-sa, version 3.0 or later; with the 'school' images licensed under the Creative Commons 'Attribution-Share Alike'. Thanks to Michael Surran for the two 'computer classroom' photos and SqueakyMarmot / Mike for the 'school entrance' photo.

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