[scribus] Importing Pages From Microsoft Publisher

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Jan 27 06:51:31 UTC 2012

hi bob,

> I am working with an associate to create a booklet in Scribus. She
> has created her pages in Microsoft Publisher. (She knows Publisher
> and does not wish to learn Scribus. She emails her pages to me and I
> am having problems importing them into Scribus, (I have Publisher but
> want to use Scribus.) I have printed the pages she created in
> Publisher and they are great. Everything is sharp.
> I have tried saving her pages as png and gif documents and importing 
> using Get Image. I have a lot of work to do trying to get them the
> same size in Scribus and when I test print, they are not sharp. There
> must be a better approach than this.
> Can someone give me some suggestions?

create a PDF from publisher and load each page of the pdf into the
scribus file.
you should probably try to get one pdf per publisher page, but you can
also load the whole pdf in each image frame and, then, choose the page
to be shown (probably in the image tab of the properties palette).

make sure that you check the "experimental pdf embedding" while
exporting yourself your work to pdf.

this is not a good way to do it! but probably the best way to solve
your problem...


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