[scribus] Latex frame issues

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Jan 26 14:57:02 UTC 2012

hi lars

> Am 24.01.2012 12:08, schrieb Lars Behrens:
> > And furthermore please: The pdf output of my document shows the
> > formula only in a very poor resolution unless I tick the "embed PDF
> > and EPS files (EXPERIMENTAL)" option. Could someone check that too?
> Hmm, seems I am the only one interested in formulas here...
> Does anyone know if I have a chance to contact the person(s) working
> on the latex thing? I would like to help to bring it forward.
> I don't want to bother here if there is no one interested.

no, the fact is probably rather that for the few persons who use the
render frame manage to get the result they're expecting...

personally, i have not understood what your problem is.

if you don't check the experimental PDF embedding option your formula
will be rasterized, so you will have to make sure that scribus uses a
resolution which is correct for you.

but i don't see why you should not use that option if you're interested
in a good ouput of your formulas (well, i see why one would not want to
use it... but i don't see how this matches your case...)


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