[scribus] [scribus-dev] interest in new tutorial?

Michal Hlavatý hlavaty.michal at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 20:03:20 UTC 2012

I think the new version of basic tutorial or a new one is really needed.
The lack of some up-to-date tutorial is one of reason why Scribus doesn't
expand as quick as it could.

What should the new tutorial content?

   - Step by step HOW-TOs of features.
   - Rules for typical documents - flyers, presentations, magazines,
   books... would be useful because quite a lot Scribus users are beginners in
   - Complete tutorial of creating template (master pages, scrapbook
   elements, styles...).
   - New 1.4 features (render frames, word tracking, etc.).

I am afraid I am not able to help with writing but I will translate the new
tutorial to the Czech language or find someone who will do it. Personally I
think there will find more people who will localize the new tutorial into
their native languages. The reason why they didn't do it so far is that the
branch 1.3.3 is very old and localizing such tutorial is (in some sense)
waste of time.

*Note to the Scribus 1.4.0 tutorials*:
In Czech language and then in English, I will write two documents in PDF -
tutorials, but really basic.

   - 2page (A4, landscape), basic description of UI, features, shortcuts
   (something like
   - 24page (A4, portrait), description of features (short HOW-TOs). It
   will be based on this Scribus

The Czech version of the first one will be available 1st February. I will
than send English version with source files.

The second one I will create as soon as possible, perhaps at the middle of
February (Czech version). English will be created after that.

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