[scribus] page grid asymetry

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jan 25 17:35:56 UTC 2012

hi rolf

> >>> Therefore, I want to place pictures of varying sizes and
> >>> orientations in a regular way.
> >>
> >> that's what a typographic grid is for.
> >>
> >> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grid_%28page_layout%29
> In that article, there is a double-line grid. Of the double lines, I 
> understand the meaning of each right line, but what are the left
> lines good for? Do they only form an optical barrier to make a
> distance from the last letter of the left column to the first of the
> right column (which the designer can respect or not)? Or would they
> have a program function, i. e. for instance wrap the text if it
> crosses that border?

the double line (or better the gap between the line) ensures that the
text does not touch the images... or if you have two text frames next
to each other (or one on top of the other) you will have a natura column
gap between them.

> In practice (i. e. in Scribus :-) ) I would have made two text frames
> as columns and set the paragraphs within as the styles want it. If I
> wanted the paragraphs to stay on one horizontal level, I would take
> care they have the same number of lines with the same styles. Only if
> that is not possible, I would use another text frame with a new
> paragraph and set it at the right horizontal position to balance
> that. And yes, then I would need some horizontal guidance. Or would
> you consider this amateur-like?

if you want the line to be aligned to each other, just get them to
aligned to the baseline grid... it's at the same place where you define
the line height and can be defined on a per paragraph or per style

the height of the baseline is defined in the document settings.
(it's color, too. iirc)


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