[scribus] "Made with Scribus" logo ?-logo propose

thmulder thmulder at caiw.nl
Mon Jan 23 12:11:38 UTC 2012

Hello everybody
  I followed the discussion , and in my opinion the suggested  logo(s) 
are little old fashioned, it is not fashy and modern .It don't live up 
the users of scribus.
  if you want to express the quality of Scribus make a modern styled 
logo. I don,t want to offend someone, and i am not a designer,  but this 
is my view.

Kind regards
Theo Mulder

Vriendelijke groeten uit Westland, Theo Mulder
Op 23-1-2012 12:25, Rolf-Werner Eilert schreef:
> Am 21.01.2012 20:17, schrieb Teodor-Toma Silvestru Muntean:
>> Here, more elaborated versions.
>> http://openclipart.org/detail/167291/
>> I will stop to do other mockups for now, but reload to do if have 
>> request for.
> I like a) second and g) first place.
> a) could be good as a Desktop logo without the ScribuS, but if you 
> insist on the ScribuS name, I would prefer it layed out like in b) or 
> c). The blue background takes a bit of the clarity, so the pen isn't 
> recognizable clearly when in a small scale. And maybe another angle 
> for the pen would be better? Here it almost looks as if it was part of 
> the S (a bit like a fracture letter).
> This is better with g). I like that most because I dislike the blue 
> tone of the Ring in d), e) and f). Somehow it looks strange against 
> the blue of the S.
> Considering the set of examples, I found them more "British" in style 
> (mainly font work), whilest the original logo in my eyes looks more 
> "Scandinavian": some clear, bright surfaces and a decent font.
> Just my two cents...
> Regards
> Rolf
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