[scribus] "Made with Scribus" logo ?

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 21 15:38:39 UTC 2012

from Teodor-Toma:

 > Here my first propose. I'm not sure about colors, but I think the > 
look is good to be considered.
 > http://openclipart.org/detail/167285/

I like the way it begins to deviate from the calligraphic motif of the 
original. This is at least a start for some creative thinking. 
Considering what Louis says below, perhaps the logo should actually say 

On 01/21/2012 01:21 AM, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> I have a suggestion.
> I propose we launch a contest around this idea of a logo.
> But the challenge would not involve Scribus only.
> We could ask the Libre Graphics community — and more people — to enter the
> contest to create a logo with the following catch phrase :
> "Made with F/LOSS" or "Made with Free/Libre Open Source Software"
> The logo should have a black and a colored version and should be easy to
> reproduce.
> Made with Scribus is diminishing in my view as it is unlikely someone is
> going to create a page layout without the help of other tools, like
> Inkscape and GIMP, at least. Without mentionning the fonts as well...
> This contest could go on from March 1st to May 1st and we would pick the
> winner in Vienna, during the next LGM.

Yes, this sounds interesting. I like the link to LGM in Vienna, and in 
the spirit of LGM, I like the way of considering the interactive element 
of FOSS graphics software.


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