[scribus] issue with Scribus' justification (WAS: move pages to new doc)

Jean Mielot j.mielot at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 16:55:15 UTC 2012

On 20/01/2012 17:36, ale rimoldi wrote:
> hi
>>> All these setting combined in Indesign...
>>> ie. Glyph scaling: min 97% max 103%
>>> Kerning: min 90% max 110% etc.
>>> allowed for perfect justification with very few to no large gaps.
> only after reading greg's post i recognized where the problem is...
> ... since i've made the big step into scribus at the time pagemaker was
> one of the two standards, i've learned to do it the manual way: when
> i spot a paragraph which does not flow well, i select it and play with
> the glyph's scaling and kerning until i've achieved a reflow which gives
> a better result.
> if this does not make things better, i usually try to scale the glyphs
> for one single (mostly long) word.
> if it's still bad enough for me to care about it, i would try to change
> some hyphenations and restart with the first step...
> i understand that having the software doing it automatically is
> faster!
> so: i have nothing against seeing this implemented in scribus :-)
> have a nice evening
> a.l.e

Hi a.l.e

Fiddling with each paragraph until it's correct is unfortunately
not an option timewise. Perhaps here and there, but I think a
DTP program should ideally do a lot of the adjustments by itself.

In another reply to this thread - John Culleton has some interesting
insights into this.

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