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ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Jan 20 07:39:40 UTC 2012

hi jean

> As a graphic
> designer I love a pretty GUI and have tried Enlightenment, XFCE, LDE
> and openbox. They're all nice, but just feel they lack
> that certain cool factor I have come to expect from a modern desktop.

> Anyways - very off topic. Apologies to mailing list members who don't 
> care for this discussion.

no, not at all off topic!

it's about a graphics designer choosing a free platform for running

so, my opinion:

on linux you won't probably find a shiny *and* really fast desktop
environment for a graphics designer.

but if you're looking for the cool factor, you may want to have a look
at the awesome window manager.
it seems that free graphics designer that think different tend to love
it's not as shiny as any of the environments you're used to, but its
really minimalistic touch, definitively gives it many points in the cool
factor race!

finally, as far as i can tell, even with a "bloated" desktop
environment, you should probably manage to get more performance from a
linux install than from a "normal" windows desktop.
a fresh installed windows, where you took care not to install any of
the suggested improvements can be fast! ... but a typical install
(antivirus, firewall, one printer driver installed from CD, a digital
camera installed from CD, skype, graphics and sound "optimizers" from
the computer manufacturer, office helpers, acrobat helpers, ...) has
good chances to run slower than a typical linux install.

but it's up to you to find a way which is comfortable to you!
going for free software can be an instant switch or a long path where
you replace your tools one by one :-)

have a nice day!

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