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> I have two books (Gang Chen and John___s)  on the subject of producing
> a book cover and have failed to work out the document mathematics.
> That is the size of the document  to put the template on.
> The measurements on the template is 5.83___ X 8.27___ with a spine
> of .273 for an A5 book.
> I have worked out that the  document needs to be double the 5.83 = 
> 11.660 + spine at .273 for the width of the document.
> Making a total of 11.733.  BUT THEY DON'T WORK.
> The height is according to the temple 8.27 but none of these gives me 
> the same size as the template that I have a Cover Template from LS.
> That is no mistake,  I have downloaded and made assure that it is
> right.
> Wena D. Parry
You do not need to do any math. You do need to follow my

It is likely that you forgot the bleed areas. If you use my
template program as recommended on pages 10ff of my e-book then
the bleed as well as the three panels are automatically
calculated. Here is the addy for the template program:

I recommend using the LSI template only as a check. LSI is
perfectly happy with a correct size pdf file. 

One minor correction to my e-book. On page 10 the correct
allowance for the thickness of the cover proper for LSI is .023 inch and
not .022 inch. That value is one of the numbers to be fed to my
template.html program. 

John Culleton
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