[scribus] Scribus-ng Debian/(K)Ubuntu Repositories >> when is it going to switch to 1.5.x ?

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Wed Feb 15 16:36:48 UTC 2012

Le 12/02/2012 19:40, Thorsten Rochelmeyer a écrit :
> Hi, just wanted to ask when the repositories are likely to be switched to 1.5 Devel. Versions?
> I'm working on a document that requires some tables and i would like to build those with scribus instead of fiddling
> with importing them from LibreOffice or else. Working with tables in 1.4. is a PITA and not an alternative for me.
> I would also like to save me the trouble of compiling scribus and would really appreciate the ability to install it from
> the repositories
> I really like scribus, it's a great piece of software and all of you guys are doing a great job! Many thanks!

As long as the new table manager is not finished in 1.5,
you can export your table to PDF in your usual calc,
and import them as PDF in Scribus,
in the same way you edit images in gimp and import them in Scribus.


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