[scribus] Scribus-ng Debian/(K)Ubuntu Repositories >> when is it going to switch to 1.5.x ?

Thorsten Rochelmeyer thr-news at rochelmeyer.com
Sun Feb 12 18:40:41 UTC 2012

Hi, just wanted to ask when the repositories are likely to be switched 
to 1.5 Devel. Versions?

I'm working on a document that requires some tables and i would like to 
build those with scribus instead of fiddling with importing them from 
LibreOffice or else. Working with tables in 1.4. is a PITA and not an 
alternative for me.
I would also like to save me the trouble of compiling scribus and would 
really appreciate the ability to install it from the repositories

I really like scribus, it's a great piece of software and all of you 
guys are doing a great job! Many thanks!


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