[scribus] Passage de Indesign à Scribus

Stéphanie Vilayphiou stephanie.vilayphiou at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 18:50:10 UTC 2012

one forked question: does using Ghostscript to reduce the filesize crop 
the image?

command line seen here: 

It is quite a pain that the whole image is exported, moreover if the 
image appears several times in the document, it is embedded as much 
times in the PDF instead of using a reference to one image object.

Last week, I made an A6 flyer front/back with only one image and quite 
some vectors. Scribus made a filesize of more than 7Mo, putting it 
through Ghostscript lowered it to 1.6Mo.
We could say we could stick to this solution, but sometimes gs complains 
and don't want to process the pdf...

hope this is something to be considered?

On 12/02/2012 06:24 PM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> On 12/02/2012 11:36 AM, Laurent Rebeaud wrote:
>> Jusqu’à maintenant j’ai fait mes mises en page de brochures et de flyers
>> avec InDesign.
>> J’aimerais passer à Scribus, mais je rencontre des difficultés dans deux
>> opérations particulières.
>> D’abord, pour la gestion des paragraphes, je n’arrive pas à augmenter 
>> ou à
>> diminuer l’espacement entre les paragraphes d’un article particulier 
>> sans
>> modifier les styles. La modification d’un style fonctionne très bien, 
>> mais
>> elle est gênante puisqu’elle s’applique à tous les textes du document 
>> qui
>> utilisent ces styles, alors que je voudrais juste modifier les écarts 
>> entre
>> paragraphe pour aligner mes textes en bas de page pour un seul article.
> A simple way to work around this would be to add an empty line in 
> between the paragraphs, then in Edit Contents mode use Fixed 
> linespacing and adjust it to your needs. Probably easier than making 
> copies of your styles.
>> Ensuite, j’aimerais pouvoir, comme je le fais avec InDesign, cacher une
>> partie d’une image pour la ramener aux dimensions du cadre image, sans
>> devoir modifier l’image d’orginine. Est-ce possible avec Scribus ?
> This might be trickier. You can, of course, use the X-Pos and Y-Pos of 
> the frame to offset compared to the actual image content, then just 
> show only a portion of your image. This will still export the entire 
> image to the PDF, so inflating the size of the PDF. Scribus doesn't 
> have a nondestructive cropping, so you would have to crop with an 
> outside application, using a copy of the image.
> Greg
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