[scribus] Problems with PDF

Ratofblades swordrat at aol.com
Wed Dec 19 22:32:26 UTC 2012

I'm having problems relying because I had signed up for Digest (I've changes that now).

    Thanks, Staffan, for the advice.  It turns out that the problem was the formatting of the image which I had cut from a transparent layer in the cover graphic file; after I deactivated the transparency of the graphic it does not cause an error when viewing the PDF.  The strange thing is that I did produce one good PDF with this graphic before things started going wrong.

    But it still takes too long to produce the PDF (more than 9 hours instead of less than half and hour) and the resultant PDF is larger than it should be (150MB rather than 90MB).  But if I divide the book into three of four parts I think I'll be able to print them to PDF and assemble them in somewhere around an hour, which is still twice as long as it should take but it's better than nine hours.

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