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Robin Lord robinlord at fastmail.fm
Mon Dec 17 10:13:07 UTC 2012

I have recently been compiling a diary of a trip to Peru, which has run
to about 30 pages and includes about 100 photos.

Each picture is contained in a 'group' with a rectangular shape and a
text frame for a caption.

It has suddenly 'corrupted' in some way, each picture, as it tries to
open, gets an error message.


Application transferred to few scanlines

and at one stage


Insufficient memory (case 4)

I am running Windows 7 Professional on an ACER Aspire M5201 with 4Gb of
main memory

All the document is stored on a WD Elements with 2TB of memory.

Can I recover my document somehow.

Any help will be appreciated I have spent many hours over the past 8
weeks, and as always when something like this happens I have not got a
recent backup.
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