[scribus] Contents become invisible after importing SVGs files

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Dec 9 18:58:11 UTC 2012

hi javier,

> I'm finishing the layout of a newspaper and suddenly disappearing
> happens contents, text and images, all becomes invisible. Anyway
> frames, text boxes and other elements are present and that when you
> click on them appear as selected (but invisible). This happens when I
> import and manipulate SVGs. Is there any way to solve it? Thanks in
> advance.

hard to say without seeing the files...

if you're using a current version of scribus (at least 1.4.1), would
you mind uploading the .sla and the svg you're importing to the bug
tracker? (http://bugs.scribus.net)

you can mark the ticket as private, then only the developers will be
able to see the files you're uploading.


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