[scribus] Development environment

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Dec 4 20:46:59 UTC 2012

hi mark,

> 1) Is there something that describes the development environment and 
> tools that are being used? (Yes, there is a good description of how
> to get the archive installed onto one's system, what third party libs
> are required and then how to build it using cmake). That works great.

i' m working towards a document that would help starting contributing
to scribus...

sadly, it's not yet in a state that i could be useful...
but it's growing slowly...

> For instance, can you use eclipse (what I'm familiar with) to manage
> and build and submit? I see that QT Creator is used, but as I'm not
> familiar with it, does it support management of many of non c/c++
> files and functionality (eg. python files for scripter). What do the
> existing contributors use?

the easiest way to work with scribus code is to use qt creator, yes.

some people use it. many people work directly in a text editor. i'm not
aware of people working with eclipse, but it should not be too hard to
get the cmake / make workflow to work in eclipse.

btw, qt creator is a very nice ide to use with qt code! and this
comes from a hard core vim user!

> 2) I would be nice for those new to the project to have a document 
> indicating the expectations and process on how to make, test and
> submit changes to scribus

i'm working towards it...

some notes are also in the scribus wiki... but one can find everything
and its contrary in the wiki :-)

> 3) Is it git or svn that should be used going forward? I've seen 
> discussions on this.

i would say git.

currently, the trunk is managed with svn. the active programmers in the
team have access to it.

in parallel, there is a git repository, where several contributors
share the code. then they prepare the patches that are submitted
through the bug tracker.

you can use any way to manage your code, but having it in the scribus
git repository, helps the other contributors to test your code and help

> 4) Are there any architecture or design documents? For scripter?

not really.

concerning the scripter, here you can find some notes by henning, the
original author of the new scripter:


jain, the guy who is finishing the scripter, has setup a github
repository for editing the scripter documentation.


i would suggest that any thoughts about the scripter should go into

the documentation can be read on readthedocs.org


your contribution and test to the new scripter are certainly welcome!

i hope that the notes above are helpful to you

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