[scribus] Trouble getting text into frames; characters display as boxes--SOLVED

Bill Flanagan bill at flanaganphoto.com
Mon Aug 27 18:25:22 UTC 2012

Hello again,

Thanks to Christof for pointing out the font error.  Indeed, I had not 
specified a default font that had all required glyphs (as I found out 
from a Print Preview test of the layout).  The preview may be a good 
step in diagnosing display problems as it identifies text overflow too.

Thanks very much,

 > Text is a problem.  Using default font settings the Story Editor doesn't
 > respond to anything but spaces after assigning the default style.  The
 > cursor stays in place when letter keys are pressed.  If a space is
 > pressed, the cursor moves and changes from a font-height line to a
 > shorter vertical line positioned as a superscript.  Double L-clicking on
 > the frame moves the cursor inside the frame where it behaves similarly.

While I'm not absolutely sure what you were trying to do, you should be 
aware of the fact that the Story Editor is in need of a rewrite, but I 
doubt that this is the source of your problem. A more detailed 
description of the issues would be appreciated to solve them. However, 
at first glance this looks to me like an issue with crappy fonts. Also 
note that the font you choose in the SE is only the display font in this 
dialogue, not the font being actually used in the text frame (and if 
both are broken or inadequate -- see below --, you have a problem).

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