[scribus] scribus on Win7 68bit

Gord Caswell ve4jhj+scribus at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 22:29:01 UTC 2012

On Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 5:14 PM, isabel brison <ijayessbe at gmail.com> wrote:
>> from the theoretical point of view, installing them in the same
>> directory is a bad idea, could mess things up and should not really
>> help...
>> really, you just have to make sure that scribus calls the correct .exe
>> file (or the binary file on mac) by fixing the path in the scribus
>> preferences.
> The trouble is, when I tried to do things properly (i.e. putting Gs64bit in
> the 64bit folder and Scribus in the 32bit folder, and setting the path to
> Gs in Scribus preferences), this error message kept popping up saying
> something about Gs not being in its proper place (I'm afraid I don't
> remember the exact message, it was months ago. Probably should have
> reported it at the time...).
>  When I tried putting them both in the same folder, it worked fine. It's
> probably a messy solution, but it did work. Anyway, I'm interested to hear
> if anyone has actually got the thing to work as it should with the programs
> in different folders, and would like to know how they did it. Always best
> to have everything neat and tidy :-)

You also need to set the GS_PROG environment variable to the correct
executable, and add the appropriate Ghostscript bin directory to PATH

I do this with Scribus Portable, and it works flawlessly.

Scribus Portable package maintainer

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