[scribus] Indic Unicode support for Scribus is developed

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Aug 23 20:40:26 UTC 2012


> > if you want, you can help out :-)
> > we are mostly on the #scribus irc channel on freenode!
> >
> Sure.

anil came to irc channel and during the discussion gave a new patch:

the question is: should i remove the old branch and apply the new patch
to a new branch?

for me the easiest thing wuold be if you, anil, would apply the patch
to the git repository or could provide a patch against the already
patched code.

personally, i would not be that much around in the next few days (well
for the next week...) but i'll try to regularly read my mails!

have a nice evening

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