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Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Wed Aug 22 01:33:22 UTC 2012

On 08/21/2012 06:32 PM, Javier García Alfaro wrote:
> Hi all, am editor / designer of a monthly newspaper [1] which recently began
> producing with Scribus on Ubuntu 12.04. Please guide me to find a way to edit
> text from different users within the layout, I have understood that this is
> possible with a CMS, but I have no idea how to start. My technical skills are
> minimal but like intellectual challenges. Thank you in advance, regards from
> Rosario, Argentina.
> [1] http://periodicoeleslabon.wordpress.com/
It would be good to know what sort of organizational style you use or 
plan to use. Is a single person in charge of layout? Is a periodical 
like this divided into sections so that more than one or many people 
work on the layout? What kinds of editing are you doing -- fixing 
spelling, grammar, or maybe just adjusting to fit the available space?

I don't know that CMS is going to help you much. If you want to edit the 
text while in Scribus, there are two preferred ways to do it: some 
prefer using Edit Contents mode, where you edit while seeing how the 
text looks on the main canvas. Others might use Story Editor, where you 
see the text but not in the font that will show on the main canvas until 
you update or exit the Story Editor.

You can of course subdivide a periodical like this into smaller parts, 
then bring together later in Scribus or join their PDFs (the latter 
takes a bit more technical skill and requires an external program such 
as pdftk).

If you can tell us how many people work on this, and what their roles 
are, then you should get some kinds of specific feedback from those who 
are doing this right now. It looks like you have settled on a pretty 
stable style for the layout, which by itself should help.

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