[scribus] pdf file size once more

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Sun Apr 29 17:44:51 UTC 2012

Le 29/04/2012 18:31, Vladimir Savic a écrit :
> I'll share my own experience on the subject since I've been using
> Scribus for professional (as in I'm getting money for it) work.
> Scribus can, and usually does, produce quite unoptimised output. It
> doesn't mean it's unreliable or error-prone piece of software. Oposite
> is truth, I'd even add. Drawback being only size of produced PDFs.
> Luckily, we have ghostscript and adobe reader for linux. Use Reader
> for generation of beautiful ps files and gs for turning it into
> PDF1.3.

Could you please detail the commands or command lines on which files
you use to produce this flattened transparencies PDF1.3 file ?


> I always do 1.3 since it is old enough for everyone to accept
> it. This workaround/workflow is great for flattening transparencies
> and producing reasonably small files. Have to add that I've never
> experienced color related problems or missing or melformed objects.
> Try it.
> Cheers,
> Vlada

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