[scribus] Problems with 1.4.0 svn and 1.5.0

john Culleton John at wexfordpress.com
Sat Apr 21 21:33:49 UTC 2012

For me at least both 1.4.0 svn and 1.5.0 share the some problem.
I create a graphic frame. Now I want to change the background
color, so I click on properties. In the properties->colors menu
everything is jammed together vertcally. Only part of the name of the default
color peeks out. Selecting a background color is difficult in 1.4.0 
and impossible in 1.5.0.

Problem # 2: In 1.5.0 when I try to change a value in the
properties screen (e.g. change width) it keeps jumping back to a
previous value. sometimes it adjusts the frame but still shows
the old value on the properties menu.  

If I am the only victim of these bugs I will just be quiet and
wait for them to disappear. But if there is interest I can write
up bug reports.                  

John Culleton
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