[scribus] Graphics to PDF Question

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Sat Apr 14 06:35:24 UTC 2012

> Hi! I am very much an amateur when it comes to desk top publishing. A
> few
> months ago I worked through the Scribus tutorial, so I thought I had
> enough
> skills to put together a small 'zine.  I am, however, running up
> against one
> problem related to graphics that I don't know what to do with. My
> graphics
> girl designed a nice title page for me. When I dropped the graphic
> into the
> title page of my document, it looked different than it does when I
> look at
> the it in Photoshop. Some of the black text had turned white and there
> were
> opacity issues; I think she used transparency in some of the layers.
> She's
> not familiar with Scribus, so the only thing she really knew how to do
> was
> to save it as a PDF on her end (and it looks great!) and she told me
> that
> with Adobe Reader, I should be able to combine the two PDFs (her
> graphic
> title page and the rest of my document). I think I can do that, but
> here's
> the thing - I'm wanting to export it to print as a booklet. So, how do
> I
> combine the two PDFs in such a way that they will still have the pages
> in
> the correct order? Or is there some other way I should approach this?
> Thanks so much for any guidance you can give me!


Bit hard to say without trying to duplicate your actions.

What sort of image was it, jpg,png, tiff or something else, psd?

What imaging software can you use, or are using?

Do you know the image properties, size and dpi?

Also, what version of Scribus are you using (Help->About Scribus)


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