[scribus] Scribus as technical drawing tool

Meho R. mehor at gmx.com
Mon Apr 9 11:33:46 UTC 2012

On Monday 09 April 2012 13:10:54 John Beardmore wrote:
> (I know some people would say that diagrams might better be done in 
> Inkscape, but as Scribus can't even hack the company logo as a plain SVG 
> from Inkscape, I don't really feel any confidence re the import of 
> engineering drawings.)

But there is another way around. This is how I usually import vectors which, for some reason, do not get imported correctly via "File > Import > Get Vector File":

1. Save the logo/chart/diagram from Inkscape as a PDF (or an EPS) file
2. In Scribus, use "Insert Image Frame > Get Image" routine; don't worry about included "image" looking bad on screen, this will be sorted out when the document is exported to PDF
3. When creating PDF from Scribus, check "Embed PDF & EPS files (EXPERIMENTAL)" to make sure included vector files do not get rasterized.

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