[scribus] Where do I set the line spacing?

Whit Blauvelt whit at transpect.com
Mon Apr 9 02:38:17 UTC 2012


I know this has to be obvious if I can find the right place to look, but I'm
not finding it in the obvious places. I'm putting a 60 point headline across
a 5' wide poster. I put the text frame there. I copy in the text, adjust the
font for type and size. Scribus spaces the lines so the type badly overlaps. 

In Document Setup I have automatic line spacing set at 20% - which has to be
line height plus that, right? Where do I go to adjust the line spacing here?

Also, why am I seeing only 12 color choices for text? Scribus can't really
be this incapable, is it? How do I surface the capabilities so I can use
them. I've done a lot of PageMaker and Quark work in years past, and as I
said have used Scribus before too ... is the 1.4.0 version just trash? Do I
need to build it custom to get it to have a normal depth of DTP features?
I'm running the Scribus-provided Ubuntu version here.


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