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John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Sat Apr 7 20:32:07 UTC 2012

On 04/04/2012 20:23, Craig Bradney wrote:

>>> i'm writing right now my first plugin and i can help you getting
>>> started with it... it's not that hard...
>> That would be very helpful.
>> Can the plugins work with a hitherto compiled binary, or do they
 >>need to be integrated into the
>> scribus build process ?
> Building Scribus is relatively easy on linux and OSX. Windows is
 >more complicated.

OK -  I have an fc14 box with standard compilers and Code::Blocks. All 
rather old now, but it did serve for writing a couple of very noddy 
little server processes. I've been using Unix / Linux a long time, but 
don't assume I knew or remember all that much.

Would that do for building Scribus ?

>> I assume this would go into the current development build
>> (1.5.x ?) rather than 1.4.x ?  Could a plugin work with
 >1.4.x and 1.5.x builds ?
> It would be somewhat generic code, but targeting 1.5.x would be better

OK -  let's assume 1.5.x for now.

>> I've heard that compiling scribus under windows is more difficult
 >>than compiling under linux. Does
>> this mean that plugins are better developed under Linux too ?
> The code is essentially the same, the build process is different.
 >If you were serious about it, I am
> sure Jean could help you get up and running.

As we've got a Linux box, and could (should) build one with the latest 
fc, happy to go with that for now.

>> If you are compiling and debugging rather than just building the latest
 >>version, is there any
>> particular IDE / set of development tools that's required / preferred ?
> Qt Creator is nice!

I've played with it a tiny bit under windows. Could no doubt get it for 

>> How much Qt do you need to know ?  (Don't know any at the moment !
 >>Hoping that hunspell will provide
>> most of the low level user interface, and that Scribus already has the UI to invoke a spelling check.)
> Qt is pretty easy

Good, because there seemed to be a vast amount of it !

>> Did somebody say that someone had started but not finished a new spellchecker plugin ?  If so, would
>> it make more sense to work with them, or take theirs over if they've made a useful start but don't
>> have time to finish it ?
> The old aspell exception (ie C++ exception) based plugin is a nightmare
 >to read.. better to start
> from scratch with some ideas taken.


OK. So why use the C++ exception mechanism in a spell checker ?

>> (Don't take this as a commitment by the way, but let's sort out what's
 >>involved, then I'll find out
>> if I've got an appropriate machine to build it on, and decide if I've
 >>got time to do it. No point in
>> rushing in headlong... That wouldn't help any of us.)
> Happy to help you out if you get serious on it.

Still curious.  If this box will build it I'll try and get the tools 
together and compile the latest 1.5.x.

If this box won't, I can put the latest fc (is it still 14 ?) onto 
another box.  That box is old and slow, but should still be able to hack 
it I think.

Cheers, J/.
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