[scribus] Using Scribus to prepare a one-off poster

Whit Blauvelt whit at transpect.com
Thu Apr 5 18:27:44 UTC 2012


I'm using Scribus (1.4.0 on Linux) to prepare a 3' x 5' poster (text with
some line drawings) to be printed out by a FedEx/Kinko's shop as a poster
presentation for a conference next week. 

This raises a bunch of questions. Such as: 

What should I be aware of in preparing the file and exporting it to get
decent results?

Should I give them a PDF? Or ...?

Is there a convenient way (or any way at all really) to print a draft onto
multiple smaller pieces of paper?

Looking on the wiki and in the recent months of the mailing list archives I
haven't seen this sort of printing discussed. If I've missed something,
please point me to it. If you have your own experiences with this sort of
project, please share them.


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