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Cat <catsoul at thinkplan.org> wrote:

> I don't mean to oversimplify what it takes to implement a spell
> checker ( I am not a programmer) but don't programs that do have a
> spell checker make calls to the dictionary installed on the computer?
> and Is that what Scribus needs to have? A sub-program that compares
> document words to the computer's dictionary?
> dcat
Aspell is a variant of ispell. I use ispell from the command line
ispell book.txt

It stops at each word not found in the dictionary and offers
several choices, each activated by a single keystroke:

[SP] <number> R)epl A)ccept I)nsert L)ookup U)ncap Q)uit e(X)it or ? for help

Here are the results of the ? choice:
Whenever a word is found that is not in the dictionary,
it is printed on the first line of the screen.  If the dictionary
contains any similar words, they are listed with a number
next to each one.  You have the option of replacing the word
completely, or choosing one of the suggested words.

Commands are:

R       Replace the misspelled word completely.
Space   Accept the word this time only.
A       Accept the word for the rest of this session.
I       Accept the word, and put it in your private dictionary.
U       Accept and add lowercase version to private dictionary.
0-n     Replace with one of the suggested words.
L       Look up words in system dictionary.
X       Write the rest of this file, ignoring misspellings,
        and start next file.
Q       Quit immediately.  Asks for confirmation.
        Leaves file unchanged.
!       Shell escape.
^L      Redraw screen.
^Z      Suspend program.
?       Show this help screen.

Note that these are all single character commands. You can really
gallop through a long document. And your fingers need not leave
the keyboard, a feature I appreciate. So I defer spell-checking
to the end of the process whenever possible. That way I save time
and don't interrupt keying the text of the document. 

For shorter documents (less than 700 words) I use the Gvim
built-in spell checker which merely highlights the perceived
misspelled words.
John Culleton
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