[scribus] First Line Indent problem/Story Editor

Margaret and George McIntosh tenbear at myfairpoint.net
Fri Oct 28 21:14:08 UTC 2011

On 28 Oct 2011 at 15:43, bobparham at comcast.net wrote:

> However, if 
> I try to use SE to set margins using a style I wind up getting an
> indent 
> about like the sum of the Word indent setting and the Style indent
> setting. It probably would work to use either to control First Line
> Indent but not both.

I played around with the First Line Indent, Left Indent and Right Indent.
If I originally set First Line indent to 0.300 and the others to 0.000, the text fills the 
frame side to side with the first line indented 0.300, as expected.
If I now increase the Left Indent to 0.100, Scribus changes the First Line Indent to 
0.200 so the first line index, relative to the frame is still 0.3 while the left edge of the 
text is 0.1 inside the frame. The first line is indented 0.2 relative to the remainder of 
the text.
If you want to set the first line indent relative to the left edge of the text, set the Left 
Indent before you set the First Line Indent.
That's how mine works anyway.
I use the frame to place the margin.


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