[scribus] Announce: Scribus 1.4.0 RC6 Release

Mike Sleger chappa-ai at q.com
Fri Oct 21 00:43:51 UTC 2011

On Oct 20, 2011, at 12:25 PM, Andreas Hünnebeck wrote:

>> Do you seriously expect people
>> to redo all their layouts because text placement was implemented "wrong" in previous versions? 
>> You either have to accept that it will be "wrong" forever due to poor judgement during the 
>> original authoring, 
> This is the most stupid solution.

I totally agree.  I was mentioning it as an option, but definitely not a desirable option.

> A better approach would be to offer a standalone filter (as already proposed) to keep the code as clean as possible.

Hence why I suggested it.

> This approach is the best in your case. If you are bound to a specific version of a program you should always keep a copy of it.

I don't think I should need to keep each "stable" release on my system and remember which version to launch for each of my documents.  Everybody's entitled to receiving bug fixes, but shouldn't have to sacrifice document integrity in order to get them.

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