[scribus] Announce: Scribus 1.4.0 RC6 Release

Andreas Hünnebeck acmh at gmx.de
Thu Oct 20 18:25:15 UTC 2011

Am Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011 schrieb Mike Sleger:
> On Oct 19, 2011, at 5:10 PM, Jean Ghali wrote:
> > Le 19/10/2011 22:43, Alexandre Prokoudine a écrit :
> >> ...and implementing a bug that results in incorrect loading of files
> >> created with RC5. In particular, all text is shifted vertically. I
> >> have reports from two people on that already. Is this a known
> >> regression or sholuld I tell them to submit test files?
> > 
> > Given the changes between rc5 and rc6 versus layout, some differences are to be expected.
> > Those differences are significant in some case. A few computations previously performed
> > using font ascent are now performed using real char ascent and hence can produce result
> > differences vs vertical position. In case of doubt, please tell them to submit test files.
> > 
> > Also remember that until 1.4.0 final is out, we reserve ourself (the Scribus team) the
> > right to make any change we believe necessary, including in the text layout algorithms.
> > Consequently text layout stability is not guaranteed between release candidates.
> Some things shifting are unacceptable between revisions.  

We're talking about release candidates, not final releases.

> Do you seriously expect people
> to redo all their layouts because text placement was implemented "wrong" in previous versions? 
> You either have to accept that it will be "wrong" forever due to poor judgement during the 
> original authoring, 

This is the most stupid solution. It has led to the code bloat and the 6000* pages of documentation
of MS-Office (e.g. 'this flag means make the same wrong date calculation like Excel-1997').
If a bug needs to be fixed it must be fixed.

> or (more professionally) have RC6 compensate for this when opening RC5 (and earlier) documents by 
> automatically correcting the text placements so their IS no shift.

A better approach would be to offer a standalone filter (as already proposed) to keep the
code as clean as possible.

> Either this needs to be corrected promptly, or I'm reverting back to RC5, because I'm CERTAINLY NOT 
> going to manually change all my text frames across multiple documents!

This approach is the best in your case. If you are bound to a specific version
of a program you should always keep a copy of it.

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