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Wed Oct 19 16:37:27 UTC 2011

On 10/19/2011 1:00 AM, Peter Nermander wrote:
>> Peter, what kind of printer did you use, a Laser Printer or an Ink Jet
>> printer?
> I used a duplex laser printer, but Bookbinder has support for
> non-duplex printers too (it will create one PDF for the fronts and one
> for the backs). It also has e checkbox for "alternate rotation",
> depending on whether your duplex printer turns or tumbles the sheet.
> So I recommend a test run (like the one I did) to make sure the
> signatures come out right (or to try out how to turn or tumble the
> sheets when putting them back into a non-duplex printer for printing
> the backs).
> When I previously have used a non-duplex printer to print signatures
> I've made a "turning instruction" to myself to make sure I get the
> same result every time (else it is easy to forget what way you turned
> the pages last time). I find it easiest if you can just take the
> sheets from the output tray and put them back, withut turning/tumbling
> or rotating, but that means you have to make sure the signatures are
> designed for such printing. I did that by making BAT-files (under
> Windows) or scripts to create the imposition. But then I used
> Multivalent, I'm not sure if Bookbinder can be controlled from the
> command line (I think not).
> /Peter
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Peter, I'm thinking that there is a significant difference between an 
Ink Jet Printer and a Laser Printer. Apparently, a Laser Printer does 
not have a Non-Printable area around the sheet of paper that an Ink Jet 
Printer has. I tried Bookbinder several months ago for imposing 
signatures of my book and it did an excellent job of imposing and 
sending to PDF reader for printing but, as I stated in a post recently, 
because of the Non Printable area built into Ink Jet Printers I wound up 
with my Margins wider than designed and Body Text narrower than 
designed. It made no difference whether I was printing Duplexe or 
printing one side of the sheet and reinserting the sheet to manually 
print the back side, the results were the same. As stated in my recent 
post, Tracker Software who offers PDFXChange Viewer free, found a 
solution to this problem that requires editing the Registry in Windows 
to cause the software to ignore the Non Printable area. Again, I offer 
to furnish more details for anyone who may be interested. Of course, the 
Bookbinder files will suffice if a commercial printer will do the 
printing of the book.

Bob P

*Bob Parham*

*People may forget what you did and people may forget what you said but
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