[scribus] Qt4 and development-addendum

Craig Bradney cbradney at zip.com.au
Mon Oct 17 18:23:50 UTC 2011

> The website says that 1.5.0 is "developmental code." And I doubt that
> it will ever be declared "stable" which is what I meant when I said
> that it will never be formally released. 

It will be released as 1.5.0 as unstable, then 1.5.1 will come, along with 1.5.2 (maybe.. and or
maybe not.. more versions).. finally released as stable 1.6.0. So, yes, the code will be released,
in multiple guises.
> I think we have a surplus of terminology here. We have developmental code to be followed by a
> development version to be followed by bumping the second number by one
> (e.g., 1.5 ->1.6) and then a series of release candidates. 

We wouldn't normally ever expect to have so many release candidates.. however, there are simply not
enough people testing SVN.. so making a few official releases pulls a few more bugs out of the
woodwork. Hopefully we don't need this for 1.6.0.

> Again I suggest that the latest version of 1.4.0 be declared stable and
> the further refinements be designated 1.4.1 etc. At this point
> should be delisted. The website lists as the stable version but
> also says:
> "Current stable version is It is not maintained anymore. This
> is the last 1.3.3.x series version. Use it only if you have a specific
> reason not to use 1.4.0rc5."

Your suggestion has already been thankfully read and given the thumbs down at that point. With RC6,
I don't know. We have one very annoying bug on OSX that is the current focus for releasing 1.4.0.
Its a major operation to fix it though. Releasing with that bug is annoying for us as well as OSX users.

> This has got to be a bit confusing to newcomers. I would suggest that
> 1.4.0 RC5 is at least as stable as the version. 

Its been confusing for awhile. Get over it. It wont be for that much longer, but if its another 2
months... well.. whats another 2 on top of the last 6? We aren't chasing buyers of the software.
> My nightly update has labeled the svn version 1.4.0 RC6 for the last
> week or so. 
Awaiting the release. We all do different things, and we (the developers) live on 3 continents. We
do things when we can.


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