[scribus] discussions and thicker skins

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 8 23:38:23 UTC 2011

I think it's important to keep cool heads in various discussions we have 
on the list. At the same time we can see that various list members have 
different styles in their interactions, and like it or not, they simply 
have a number of negative approaches to a discussion, such as sarcasm or 
hyperbole. Sometimes local conversational styles don't translate well to 

I'd rather not see some attempt at trying to force some sort of 
"nice-talk" on the list, since it isn't often we have any trolls here 
who have nothing to contribute.

I can certainly read someone's comment and ignore or strip out the 
verbal excesses to try to get to some kernel of intelligent thought, and 
simply ignore the parts that are verbal refuse. Sometimes there's 
nothing left after you strip out the useless banter.

On the plus side, it is good to see some interchanges expressing 
different points of view, which keeps things rich and lively. 
Fortunately, Scribus itself isn't going through mood swings in its behavior.


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