[scribus] Problem...

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Oct 6 20:29:21 UTC 2011


a mail from the past...

> > You guys are all saying that NEW users should download the 1.4RC5
> > to start with, but there is no tutorial based on that version while
> > there is a tutorial based on the version.

there are many others reasons which makes me suggest to use 1.4RC5.

the three most important reasons are
- 1.4RC5 is already more stable than
- nobody who does (free) support for scribus has installed, so
  no chance to get some help with it
- when the people hit a problem, they're very deceived to hear
  that there is no chance to see it fixed, expect waiting for 1.4 (they
  mostly don't understand why, since 1.3.14 is the stable and 1.4 is
  not the stable!)

> > I, being a
> > brand new user, find that I need both versions, because if I don't
> > find the elements mentioned in the tutorial where it says they are,
> > then I am lost.
> > 
> > It is, after all, the NEW user who has the most need for a tutorial.
> Honestly, in my experience, the quickest way to find out how to do
> something (or whether it's even supported at all) is Google.  I've
> never even used the Scribus tutorial.

there is the help in scribus which is mostly available by pressing the
F1 key (the "working with" chapters could replace a tutorial)... but
indeed no tutorial.

but anybody could port that tutorial to 1.4... i don't think it such a
huge task.
(personally, i don't like that tutorial: so it's not me who will port
it... but i could translate in english the "hands on" chapter i wrote
for the scribus manual in french:
http://fr.flossmanuals.net/Scribus/PriseEnMain ; is there any interest?)


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