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Theo theopcles at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 06:57:40 UTC 2011

  It is always a problem  to keep  tutorials up to date.
  I am still impressed Scribus has so many wiki en tutorials , not 
always the easiest  prescriptions and ways to teach a beginner.
I can give a tip: In the Netherlands   is a commercial  writing 
training  institute that  sells  a correspondence course "Scribus" or 
  12 lessons , special for beginners  a reasonable good but in my 
opinion rather expensive  course.
  In Dutch language.  You can get a trial lesson for free. I don't have 
connections with this institute , so  you can Google yourself  for more 
  Theo Mulder

Vriendelijke groeten,
Theo Mulder

Op 3-10-2011 23:08, john Culleton schreef:
> On Sat, 1 Oct 2011 13:00:31 -0600
> Mike Sleger<chappa-ai op q.com>  wrote:
>>> You guys are all saying that NEW users should download the 1.4RC5
>>> to start with, but there is no tutorial based on that version while
>>> there is a tutorial based on the version.  I, being a
>>> brand new user, find that I need both versions, because if I don't
>>> find the elements mentioned in the tutorial where it says they are,
>>> then I am lost.
>>> It is, after all, the NEW user who has the most need for a tutorial.
>> Honestly, in my experience, the quickest way to find out how to do
>> something (or whether it's even supported at all) is Google.  I've
>> never even used the Scribus tutorial.
> There is a very old tutorial dating back before even 1.3.3.x. It gives
> you the basics but it is hard to work with when using more recent
> versions. I no longer consult it.
>   There is also a tutorial book by Cedric Gemy "Scribus 1.3.5 Beginners
>   Guide". That is much closer to what is in use today. It is not as
>   complete however as the older "Scribus The Official Manual" by
>   Pittman, Schaefer et al. which is based on
> For real work I use my nightly download of 1.4.0 svn or as I like to
> call it rc5 plus. Thus far it hasn't let me down, and if I do
> have a problem I can expect expert help on it.
> There is a tutorial on making a 3 fold brochure based on 1.3.5:
> http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Creating_a_threefold_brochure
> There are also some video tutorials.
> My only goal in all this conversation is to steer newcomers away from
> 1.3.3.x series which is significantly different than what most of us
> are using today. The series 1.3.5 through 1.3.9 were aimed at
> developing a new Scribus to be called 1.4.0. The interface should be
> similar from 1.3.5 through 1.4.0x. The file format is also similar
> throughout this series.
> It may be useful to keep in mind three different .sla file formats:
> Format A: 1.3.3 series
> Format B: 1.3.5--1.4.0.
> Format C: 1.5.0 et seq.
> You can upgrade from one format to the next, but not retreat to an
> earlier format.
> John Culleton
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