[scribus] Negative line spacing?

David Whitfield david at davidwhitfield.co.nz
Wed Nov 23 19:49:14 UTC 2011

> i don't think that negative line spaces should be supported...
> on the other side, i'm not sure either, if the current limit is
> correct.
> the current scribus build forbids line spacings which could lead to
> overlap glyphs... i'm not sure if in some corner case (mostly for
> titles) one may want to allow a potential overlapping (because the
> overlapping part does not contain glyphs on one of the lines...).
> finally, for your specific case, i would simply use tabulators... in my
> experience they work reliable in scribus!

Thanks for confirming the negative spacing was no longer supported. good to
know. the reasons I hadn't used tabulators are that I want the prices on my
menu to align right (so the decimals are lined up) and be styled
differently to the menu item they sit next to. hence giving them their own
paragraph style.
I guess the beauty of DTP is there is always another way to do things so I
can make it work regardless
cheers David
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