[scribus] PressBooks

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 23 17:12:55 UTC 2011

Here is something worth being aware of, even for Scribus users:


Since the last LGM, I've been slowly working on a project using 
PressBooks, mostly to see how this works, how it compares to Scribus, 
how it might interact with Scribus.

Since PressBooks is based on WordPress, it more or less works like you 
might be making blog entries. There is the built-in option to publish on 
the web like a blog, and you can restrict access to your work. You can 
allow others to edit your work in case you're doing something collaborative.

You can also easily export as an ePub book, a PDF, and InDesign XML 
files. I haven't tried this last one, but this is where there might be 
some promise for Scribus editing, if we have a workable IDXML importer.

There are some limitations with PressBooks. You have only some set fonts 
and styles. Forget about any tweaking of character placement. Trying to 
get imported images to be placed precisely with all of the various 
output formats is challenging.

Even at this stage, I think it's a contender for rapidly creating an 
eBook. If you want a simple PDF and are not particular about the many 
layout details you can control with Scribus, this may be all you need.


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