[scribus] Menu entries

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Nov 23 16:13:41 UTC 2011


> Can't find the particular post but for the poster who makes up
> menus with the entree justified left and the price justified
> right I suggest two text frames, side by side, same font size and
> baseline skip, but left one one set ragged right and the rght one
> set ragged left. To add/delete a menu item requires editing both
> frames. 
> I did the reverse of this (left frame ragged left, right frame
> ragged right) for a list of info about a book on review copies. 
> This is also handy for a fancy TOC, with an optional vertical bar "|"
> between chapter name and page number like this:
>         Chapter One|6
>         Chapter Two|23
> etc. 
> In Scribus the vertical bars will align perfectly forming a
> vertical rule. (In email maybe not.) 

use tabulators.

there is no reason to create several frames.


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