[scribus] program download not working - ideas?

Cédric Gémy radar.map35 at free.fr
Wed Nov 23 12:19:47 UTC 2011

Hi Geneva

> > I have just downloaded Scribus to my Macbook Pro, OS 10.4.11, and the
> > application does not launch. It downloaded alright (~200mb), I
> > dragged it to my applications folder, as I was instructed to do, and
> > the icon is there in my list. But when I click  on it, nothing
> > happens. When I ctrl click, I can open up the app contents and there
> > are a bunch of folders with content I can't open either.
> > 

We just experiencd the same yesterday here in Tunis : Scribus works for
10.5 -> 10.7 but not on 10.4. Can't know why.


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