[scribus] Negative line spacing?

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Nov 23 11:42:50 UTC 2011

hi david,

> In the past in have done layouts for cafe menus and been able to align
> prices to menu items by assigning a negative line spacing to the
> price style eg
> paragraph style-item; 14pt left align line spacing 16pt
> paragraph style-price; 10pt right align line space -16pt
> I have updated to the scribus version 1.4.0.rc6 and it seems that I
> can no longer set a value for line space less than 1pt, when did this
> change and does anyone have a suggestion to get around this?
> I know I could use a table or put the prices in their own text box
> but I like the elegance of my original method because it makes
> updating items and prices very straight forward.
> cheers for the suggestions

i don't think that negative line spaces should be supported...

on the other side, i'm not sure either, if the current limit is
the current scribus build forbids line spacings which could lead to
overlap glyphs... i'm not sure if in some corner case (mostly for
titles) one may want to allow a potential overlapping (because the
overlapping part does not contain glyphs on one of the lines...).

finally, for your specific case, i would simply use tabulators... in my
experience they work reliable in scribus!


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